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Beginner Triathlon - 5 Things You Should Avoid

Beginner Triathlon - 5 Things You Should Avoid

In recent years, the sport of triathlon has exploded. From individual sport athletes trying to find a fresh challenge, to noobs interested in utilizing the activity as a way for life-style change, every single race sees rookies positioned at the starting line alongside vets with many years of triathlon experience.

I want to discuss my own experience by letting you know what NOT to do!

1. It's not really about the gear

3 sports, every one with its very own array of whizzbang expensive equipment. Shiny publications full of ads selling you the latest carbon aero widget or supplement. For reasons uknown, tri carries a culture of purchasing speed rather than learning how to train and race more effectively. The big point is, it’s about what you bring to the start line, not the expensive parts hanging from your bike. Invest in yourself, your tri education along with your fitness early on; Save the $$$ products for later.

2. Thinking the Swim is an Exercise in Fitness

Why does that 12 year old child in the outside lane swimming laps around you?! Simply because she’s been swimming one to two hours per day, 5-6 days each week since she was eight. She's got the technique;you usually do not.

For you, swimming isn't a fitness exercise, it’s a talent, like learning how to play a musical instrument. Instead of just banging on the instrument for an an hour a day, with no idea what you’re doing, spend money on high quality swim technique instruction to take advantage of your time in the water.

3: Waiting to Get Speedy on the Bike

In my personal experience the bike is a really low risk activity: making the assumption that your bike fits you, and you don’t wreck, you’re simply not going to injure or hurt yourself by biking too hard. There's no need to wait to start getting much faster on the bike.

If you'd like to ride faster you need to train faster and the time to begin is as soon as you straddle that bike. Work as hard that you can for as long as you can, then simply recover and do it again.

4: Bringing a Running Plan to a Triathlon

It’s quite common for new triathletes, specially those coming from running, to insert a run-only training program within their weekly triathlon training routine. If not that, then some try to keep the running schedule they’ve done for several years, but now with the addition of cycling and swimming.

This strategy is a guaranteed way to over-train and risk injury. You’re training for a triathlon, not only a 5k, 10k, or marathon. Disregard the addition of cycling and swimming into your training week at your own peril.

5: Forgetting to Have Fun!!

3 sports, three sets of gear, how can i fit X amount of workout sessions into only 5-6 days each week?! It’s really easy to get swept up in how much there is to understand and master, and to get worried and quite often obsessed with your initial race.

We’ve got news for you: it is all just a game and it’s meant to be fun.

Invest in your head, delay pricey equipment, expect to make a LOT of errors in your initial few races (you won’t be let down) and promise to chuckle at your self whenever you do!

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