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F2R Team In Training Men's Sockeye Full Sleeve

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Lara Brown Demonstrates how easy taking off a Fit2Race Triathlon Wetsuit can be.

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    Lara Brown Demonstrates how easy taking off a Fit2Race Triathl...


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Product Description

The Sockeye is designed to complement efficient and fast swimming with sleek aquatic qualities. Built with 5mm rubber thickness in the front chest and legs, 3mm in the back shoulders and 2mm in the arms and under arm gussets. Capitalizing on the aquatic qualities of rubber, the forearm catch panel blends 5mm rubber into its design. Glide, catch and lift yourself into potentially the fastest suit ever made. Escape transitions in effortless motion with our new flexible designed inner jersey. See what is winning races around the world.

As the main supplier of wetsuits to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® Team In Training® chapters for the past 6 years, F2R knows that athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Most wetsuits are designed to fit only about 60% of the population, which makes it easier for dealers to sell their products because they offer only a handful of sizes. F2R has designed The Sockeye Full Sleeve wetsuit in 17 sizes, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit no matter what type of body you have!

  • Blind-stitching and glued seams add to the aquatic like quality.
  • Inner jersey is a blend of nylon and polyester.
  • The weave is chosen for its unique quality of flexibility and friction-free movement making it the fastest wetsuit to remove out of the water.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • *Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
*Return your wetsuit to exchange for a new one at 50% off retail price

  • While sizing is a matter of both height and weight, your weight is the most determining factor. Please refer to the size chart for choosing your correct size.
  • Any wetsuit may not feel comfortable for a first time user. The key to comfort is in understanding the difference between snug and too restrictive.
  • Triathlon wetsuits are made of an advanced wetsuit rubber that is supposed to act like a second skin. Hence it’s supposed to be tight on the body. The advanced rubber allows for comfort and extreme flexibility.
  • The wetsuit should be skin tight (more so than other wetsuits), but NOT restrictive. It will feel very tight when dry, but once you are in the water and moving around, it will loosen considerably.