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Wetsuitoutlet.com takes great pride in providing you with a top-quality wetsuit. This means that suits are inspected both before sending them out and upon their return. Any damage noted upon return of the suit will be charged to your account.


We only rent Synergy Endorphin Fullsleeve or Sleeveless wetsuits.


Your suit must be returned in clean condition. It must also be completely dry before being packaged for return, otherwise it will mildew in transit. Any wet or mildewed suits will incur an additional fee. Any wetsuits that require cleaning will incur an additional $25.00 fee. Wetsuits returned with damage will incur an additional cost of $25 for repair.


If you decide you would like to purchase your suit, all that is required is for you to keep the suit. Upon the expiration of your rental period your deposit will be collected and the suit is then yours to keep.


Late rentals are charged for the additional rental period. The rate and length of additional rental periods are the same as your original order.