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Triathlon and Wetsuit Articles and Information 

Triathlon, Surfing and Diving Wetsuits - What's the Difference?

Wetsuits are snug-fitting suits, typically of a neoprene foam base material, which may incorporate other fabric layers in order to make the suit more durable or lend it favorable hydrodynamic properties. Their premise is that the thin layer of water that is allowed to enter between the suit and the skin will quickly warm to body temperature, thus providing an additional level of insulation against the loss of body heat. .. read more ..

History of Triathlons:

Many people believe that triathlons originated in ancient Greece. You may be surprised to learn that while the Olympic Games began in the 7th century BC, triathlons can be traced to a much later birth. The modern day triathlon actually has its origins in France in 1920, with “Les Trois Sports”, comprised of a 3km run, a 12km bike ride and a swim across the Marne River, without any breaks. .. read more ..

Triathlon and Wetsuit Videos

How To Choose A Wetsuit:

Triathlon coach Ben Greenfield shows us how to choose a triathlon wetsuit in 60 seconds or less. 

2012 Endorphin Full Sleeve Wetsuit Features:

Check out the features of the Synergy Endorphin full sleeve triathlon wetsuit.

2012 Endorphin Sleeveless Wetsuit Features:

Check out the features of the Synergy Endorphin sleeveless triathlon wetsuit.

Synergy Hybrid Wetsuit Demo:

Dave Erickson reviews our Synergy Hybrid wetsuit.

How To Know If Your Wetsuit Is Too Small

A quick review showing the tell tale signs of a triathlon wetsuit that's too small.

How To Know If Your Wetsuit Is Too Big

A quick review showing ways to tell if your triathlon wetsuit is too big.

How To Put On A Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit

Easy tips to help you quickly put on your wetsuit.

How To Quickly Exit A Triathlon Wetsuit

See just how easy it can be to remove your wetsuit.