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Synergy Hybrid Wetsuit Demo and Review


Introducing the Synergy Hybrid Wetsuit. I personally tested this wetsuit in the pool twice before racing in it at Ironman 70.3 Boise on June 9th and I feel really good about recommending it. It's extremely comfortable around the shoulders, providing an incredible range of motion. I found it to be a little tight around my lower legs but I'm sure that will vary from athlete to athlete. It was snug around my neck without being too constricting and I had zero Velcro rash after my swim in Boise.

There's an interesting fabric on the underside of the forearms (see video belwo) which is meant to give swimmers more grip underwater. I think this is a nice selling point but only if used correctly. A high quality wetsuit does not make up for poor technique and swim mechanics otherwise I would have been faster in Boise.

The Hybrid Full wetsuit includes an Aerodome SmoothSkin that covers the entire front body and lower leg panels, as well as the side panels, promoting superior flotation and nearly eliminating friction for maximum glide. The silicone treated neoprene makes the suit non-porous, producing low friction for maximum glide. It's SuperFlex and HiFlex rubber on the shoulders and arm panels boast an unsurpassed 680 percent flexibility. The special lining absorbs far less water than is typical, keeping this suit light and allowing it to peel off easily in transition.

Wetsuit Features according to Synergy:

  • AquaLift Panels: This panel uses 3rd generation Aerodome neoprene and is treated with nano SCS silicone for super-low friction. AquaLift side panels wrap around torso and leg to create added buoyancy.
  • HiFlex Panels: Shoulders, arms, arm gussets and upper chest employ the greatest flexibility ever obtained in SmoothSkin neoprene. Panels are silicone treated for unsurpassed strength and maximum glide.
  • Dual-layered, SmoothSkin Neck: Super flexible, low fitting neck eliminates chafing. 1mm SmoothSkin on both side creates a seal that is impenetrable and soft, thus alleviating problems created by other wetsuits such as chaffing, general discomfort, reduced blood flow and inflexibility.
  • Super-Adjustable Neck Enclosure: This neckline utilizes a high grade, non-abrasive aqua Velcro and internal zipper for your perfect fit, along with reduced drag and water penetration.
  • 5mm Aerodome SmoothSkin Lower Leg and Side Panels: The slick lower leg panel will help you keep your balance in the water while reducing drag and lightening kicking; all contributing to increased speed.

It was very easy to strip off and I look forward to using it again at my next race. The key word I would associate with this wetsuit is 'flexibility'. Not once did I have any concern about tearing or ripping it while putting it on or taking it off. I give it an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10.

One final word of advice and this goes for most any wetsuit, don't try and put the suit on when your wet, it's much harder.

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